Daimler Mobility
Blockchain Platform

The Mobility Blockchain Platform is a business-to-business (B2B) offering, aimed to enable various mobility services (e.g. vehicle rental, public transport, MaaS services, insurance, maintenance services, etc.). The network has integrated features for mandatory service capabilities (e.g. payment, user identification, contracting, settlement, etc.), to optimize backend processes for all participating providers.

Together with Daimler Mobility, Spherity is part of a consortium of start-ups bringing the Mobility Blockchain Platform to life. The platform is based on standards, open source protocols and API’s. It offers functionalities like a verification procedure to determine the identity and authenticity of participants, service discovery as well as contracting and settlement functionalities.
To create a balanced network, the platform offers on one hand backend services capabilities for service providers, on the other hand resources to enable innovative mobility service offerings.

Spherity contributes its decentralized identity management expertise and developed an Identity Wallet SDK which can be integrated into the Daimler Mobility Blockchain Platform business applications. To enable interactions across blockchains and to comply with security and data protection requirements, Spherity supplies its Cloud Identity Wallet technology to manage enterprise, vehicle and user identities.

Cloud Identity Wallet Benefits

  • Interoperability across wallets and blockchains based on W3C standards
  • Multiple key management options to comply with corporate requirements
  • Cloud infrastructure for scalability


Daimler Mobility AG

Project Scope
Mobility Blockchain Platform

Mobility Services

Organization Size
+ 12.000 Employees




Mobility Blockchain Platform
Blockchain Factory at Daimler Mobility AG

Client Testimonial

“Spherity is a leading expert in Europe with regards to decentralized identity management for industry 4.0. Their wallets are a key prerequisite to integrate different business applications into our blockchain based service infrastructure.”


Dr. Harry Behrens
Head of Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory, Daimler Mobility

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