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Boost Your Compliance Measures and Legal Requirements of the “New EU Battery Regulation” with Spherity’s Digital Product Passport

One hurdle in achieving the circular economy is the lack of trustworthy, verifiable information about the product reuse, its content and recycling potential. A digital product passport can close this information gap. Spherity’s Digital Product Passport is a Digital Twin for products, such as batteries, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or machines.

To achieve a “circular economy” in the battery space the “New EU Battery Regulation” mandates a digital product passport for every battery with above 2 KWH capacity as of 01.01.2026. The goal is to increase trustworthy, verifiable information about the battery reuse, its content and recycling process. 

Companies operating in the EU wide battery industry will need to comply with the regulation and thus will be required to implement a digital product passport. Spherity’s Digital Product Passport enables companies to meet the EU Battery Regulation compliance and help the regulatory institutions to standardize the audit process.

Responsible for fulfilling the regulation are the companies that place the battery on the market.

What is a decentralized Digital Product Passport ?

The digital product passport is a digital twin for the physical product (i.e. a battery).  The digital product passport shall provide information about hazardous substances, performance and durability, recyclable content, removability, replaceability, carbon footprint, and proof of due diligence in responsible sourcing of raw materials. Spherity’s decentralized concept has the following characteristics:

The digital product passport consists of a pool of digital information/statements about a product (batch), i.e. it is NOT a single record centrally stored.

The statements are stored in a decentralized way forming a data space of information, i.e. the passport attributes are not kept at the same location. That means no central system is required in general. However, every approach needs a Governance run by the industry e.g. by the Global Battery Alliance.

The actors in the value chain are only responsible for the product information which they can be held responsible for. Product information can also be in the form of certificates, such as Eco-Labels issued by trustworthy institutions.

Cryptographic signature of a statement ensures that the product information is verifiable, non-repudiable and not modifiable.

With a unique W3C decentralised identifier for each product, the digital product passport is globally unique.

Current Requirements from the (Battery) Industry

In addition to the requirements arising from regulations, general requirements for the product passport must also be taken into account. Actors in the value chain and users of the product passport have their own needs, and taking these into account will increase the acceptance of digital product passports.

Actors of the supply chain want to maintain their competitive advantage by keeping their product components and their supply chain confidential. I.e. only want to allow access to authorized players.

The cost structure of the digital product passport must be proportionate to the product value and acceptable to all actors.


All actors of the supply chain must be able to participate in the product passport ecosystem.

The solution must be based on standards to allow the highest possible adoption across the Battery Industry but also cross other industries to enable the so-called network-of-networks effect.

Decentralised Setup
A central system would need to be run and maintained by the industry which is highly political and usually fails due to trust issues. A decentral system does not need a central platform.

Flexibility The system needs to allow for easily adding new companies, people, and product attributes.

Data Quality
Avoid “garbage in — garbage out” by ensuring highest level of data quality

Spherity’s decentralized concept is meeting all of the above requirements.

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Who uses the Digital Product Passport

Together with access control mechanisms, the product passport is a secure source for product information which is only accessible for authorized parties. Users of the Product Passport are Ministries that check the Compliance of the new Battery Regulation, an end user who checks the public disposal information, or the recycler who checks the battery passport for recyclable parts.

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