Our Digital Twins connect all of an identity’s data to parties throughout their value chain

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs)
combine to form our Digital Twins:
unique, addressable and verifiable representations
of any data-producing entity

A Universal Identifier

Decentralized Identitifier (DID)


Verifiable Datasets

Portable, auditable and signed data
controlled securely from a wallet

The Building Blocks of Spherity's Digital Twins


Decentralised Identifiers

W3C Decentralised Identifer standard

Unique, permanent, discoverable and verifiable decentralized identifier can serve as a lifetime address


Verifiable Credentials & Data

W3C Verifiable Credentials standard

Secure storage of verifiable data, that are cryptographically secure, privacy-respecting, and machine-readable


Secure Key Management

Advanced Key management with MPC

Multi-Party Computation for secure management of private keys and simplified transfer of ownership


Access Management

Secure Access Control management

Configuration service for access control and privacy of data with role based access management (RBVAC) & attribute based access management (ABAC)

Our next-generation identity layer readily integrates into any stack


  • Custodial solutions for your identity wallets and Digital Twins
  • End-to-end (E2E) secure key management solutions
  • Secure cyber-physical links

Interoperability with W3C standards

  • Interoperable and universal Decentralised Identitifiers (DIDs)
  • Fully portable and future-proof Verifiable Credentials (VCs)
  • Semantic models and flexible APIs
  • Easy integration with existing x.509 certificates

Technology-agnostic solutions

  • Provider-agnostic architecture works with all major clouds
  • Blockchain-agnostic architecture allows identities to be anchored to different or even multiple chains
  • Database-agnostic design to streamline legacy and external connections

Built for integration, scalable by design

  • Cloud-based on- and off-chain data storage in accordance with your privacy requirements
  • Modular architecture and easy to consume Developer friendly APIs
  • Customisable to your current and future business needs

Consider what decentralized identity management
could mean for the visibility and trustworthiness of data
throughout your business processes.