Today's systems are siloed and optimized for internal processes

Most data architectures today were not designed for collaboration in today’s dynamic value chains and demanding regulatory frameworks.

Increasingly, the Internet of Things, data-rich machines, regulators, and many humans all need to establish trust and communicate with each other across organizational boundaries in a secure way.

To achieve this higher level of trust and visibility, enterprises need to refactor their core principles of data management.

Decentralized Identity Management Solutions
to Power the Digital Economy

Spherity’s decentralized Digital Twins enable innovative customer journeys across mobility, supply chain transparency, risk assessment, audit trails for data analytics, and many more use cases.

Each use case represents the complex application of modern data management principles to a given industry’s unique data environment: outputs from sensors, algorithms, machines, auditors, and many other human and non-human actors.

Manage Digital Twins with
Spherity´s customizable &
scalable solution

Enterprises that use their own application stacks to manage algorithms and smart machines can interact with our solutions via our robust APIs. Customisation and ready interoperability with legacy systems are central to our solution at every level.

End-users can also use Spherity’s mobile phone-based identity wallet and/or our customisable web application
to organise claims, share data and process business transactions.

Advantages and Features of our Solution

Create, aggregate and configure identities and Digital Twins

Use immutable event-driven data chains with complete transaction histories

Sign claims and business transactions cryptographicly secure

Share data in a Privacy-respecting way with granular access controls

Transfer the ownership of Digital Twins across organizations

Benefit from business transactions and payment settlement

Advanced Technologies and
Forward-Thinking Design Principles


Interoperable Identities

  • Powerful identities facilitate standardised and auditable communications between humans, machines, organisations, connected devices, data-sets, and algorithms.

Cloud-based Infrastructure

  • Our cloud-based infrastructure enables flexible set-up and ongoing refinement of complex, real-world use cases, as well as quick scaling and many legacy interoperability options.

Wallet Management

  • Our identity wallets are designed to manage, govern and sign the operations of digital identities in our cloud solution. These represent not only human actors, but also legal persons, algorithms, smart devices.

W3C Standards

  • We participate actively in the SSI community so that our Decentralized Identifier (DID) and Verifiable Credentials (VC) implementations will remain compliant even as standards are iterated and refined.

Secure Key Management

  • Our unique, industry-leading application of next-generation Multi-Party Computation architecture makes control of identities and their ownership transfer simple, yet secure, whether it is a machine, a machine-learning algorithm, or a corporation.

Verifiable Transactions

  • Complex use cases can be analysed and verified based on verifiable business transactions, data, and claim-sharing.

Our Digital Twins connect all of an identity’s data to
parties throughout their value chain

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) combine to form our Digital Twins:

Unique, addressable and verifiable representations
of any data-producing entity.

A Universal Identifier

Decentralized Identitifier (DID)


Verifiable Datasets

Portable, auditable and signed data
controlled securely from a wallet

The Building Blocks of Spherity's
Digital Identity Management Solutions


Decentralised Identifiers

W3C Decentralised Identifer standard

Unique, permanent, discoverable and verifiable decentralized identifier can serve as a lifetime address


Verifiable Credentials & Data

W3C Verifiable Credentials standard

Secure storage of verifiable data, that are cryptographically secure, privacy-respecting, and machine-readable


Secure Key Management

Advanced Key management with MPC

Multi-Party Computation for secure management of private keys and simplified transfer of ownership


Access Management

Secure Access Control management

Configuration service for access control and privacy of data with role based access management (RBVAC) & attribute based access management (ABAC)

Feature List of our
Digital Identity Management Toolkit

Our Next-Generation Identity Layer
readily Integrates into any Stack


  • Custodial solutions for your identity wallets and Digital Twins
  • End-to-end (E2E) secure key management solutions
  • Secure cyber-physical links

Interoperability with W3C standards

  • Interoperable and universal Decentralised Identitifiers (DIDs)
  • Fully portable and future-proof Verifiable Credentials (VCs)
  • Semantic models and flexible APIs
  • Easy integration with existing x.509 certificates

Technology-agnostic solutions

  • Provider-agnostic architecture works with all major clouds
  • Blockchain-agnostic architecture allows identities to be anchored to different or even multiple chains
  • Database-agnostic design to streamline legacy and external connections

Built for integration, scalable by design

  • Cloud-based on- and off-chain data storage in accordance with your privacy requirements
  • Modular architecture and easy to consume Developer friendly APIs
  • Customisable to your current and future business needs

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Overview of Use Cases supported by our
Identity Management Solutions


Benefits of a Digital Twin

Example applications


Digital Twins of cars capture vehicle lifecycle data (e.g. mileage, engine or maintenance data) that can be shared; identities of mobility ecosystem partners allow seamless mobility transactions.

  • Lifecycle of cars and audit trails for fleet operators or insurance providers
  • Access control, insurance and invoicing for peer-to-peer (p2p) carsharing


Digital Twins monitor and gather machine, production line and raw materials data along the manufacturing process in a cryptographically secure way.

  • Digital lifecycle management with audit trail for products as value-added service for customer


Digital Twins capture, visualise and optimise the material flow in value chains; they also store and share signed business process information and regulatory documents.

  • Privacy-preserving data exchange in Supply Networks
  • Improved exchange of credentials in 3rd party risk management


Digital Twins of wind turbines enable predictive maintenance; sensor data from smart meters enable trusted business transactions.

  • Data audit trails for smart meter data
  • Automated settlement of power purchase agreements


Digital Twins map a patient’s health data from different hospitals and mobile health devices for monitoring.

  • Healthcare pass for privacy-preserving exchange of sensitive health data
  • Consent management in clinical trials

Consider what decentralized identity management
could mean for the visibility and trustworthiness of data
throughout your business processes.