Enabling trust in supply chains using decentralised micro-certification

The perfect formula

The ability to trace sensitive foodstuffs from production to safe delivery to the end consumer is key to modern supply chain management. The food manufacturer needs to ensure that no counterfeit products are introduced in the supply chain and that the original product reaches its target market intact. In a joint project, Spherity’s Cloud Identity Wallet and SICPA’s secure labelling technology were combined to explore securing the down-stream supply chain of producers and brands, enhancing consumer safety, convenience and value.

Beyond the goal of improving supply chain visibility and authenticity through verifiable events, the objective was also to enable a secure digital connection between producers and consumers through the product. This not only allows for real-time updates to electronic product information, but also direct communication and in general an entirely novel way of dynamically interacting with products. The results show how trusted supply chains, enhanced with digital technology, can help producers track and manage supplies and deliver customer satisfaction by creating more meaningful interactions.

Spherity technology:

The Cloud Identity Wallet was used to create the digital twin, sign and verify all events in the supply chain and provide the management console to trace the product delivery status and sales location. It was also used to enable real-time updates of product information and manage private and secure customer-to-producer interactions.

SICPA technology:

SICPA secure marking and labeling technology was used to label the product and securely link a decentralised digital identifier (DID) to the physical product, which maps with its digital twin in the Spherity Cloud Wallet. SICPA technology is additionally used to enable product scanning via mobile applications, establishing product authenticity and product identity and updating the actual status of the product along its down-stream supply chain.


  • Trusted, traceable supply chain services
  • Object marketing
  • Anonymous customer communication via a DID-based chat function.

Potential Usage Areas:

  • Technology to enable supply chain transparency for regulated, sensitive, hazardous, luxury, high-value or scarce goods.


SICPA is a Switzerland-based leading global provider of physical and digital security, traceability and authentication solutions for governments, central banks and businesses. SICPA’s next generation micro-certification offering combines the best of physical and digital security in an all-in-one solution for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) contexts. Since 2019, SICPA has collaborated with Spherity to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) for a global food manufacturer.


SICPA SA, Digital Lab

Project Scope
Trusted Supply Chain for Food Products

Supply Chain

Organization Size
+ 3.000 Employees


Client Testimonial

“At SICPA we’re exploring the future of supply chains and the role of micro-certification, building on decentralised identity and applied to regulated industries. Spherity proved to be an excellent partner and we see great potential for other industry applications.”


Bart Suichies

Head of Digital & Software, SICPA SA.

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