What you can do with Spherity

We are bridging the spheres among humans, objects, machines and
algorithms via their digital representations, allowing new forms of
secure machine-focused commerce and decentralization.


Run Digital Identities with Ease

  • Control and connect your blockchain-secured human, enterprise, object or machine identity along any value chain.

Increase Interoperability between Systems

  • Empower secure and object-related data access from everywhere along a value chain using our digital identity technology.

Empower Business Relations

  • Sign and verify all transactions to all parties in your digital value chain.

A Story for Everything

Combining unique identifiers and other biometrics with verifiable data creates a Digital Twin for any real or intangible thing.
This twin can store and share the life story of a machine, an algorithm, an object or even a human.


Digital Identity

Our platform makes it intuitive to create and manage digital identities for humans, machines, products, algorithms and data sets.

We use Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) to design intelligent serial numbers for your products and services that are unique, verifiable and addressable.

To these, we link Verifiable Credentials (VCs), which you can store wherever you want, with robust data privacy and access controls to protect your secrets, even those generated over time by your machines and algorithms.


Credential-based Verification

This system of Verifiable Credentials allows powerful and simple verification without demanding or leaking any extraneous personal data along the way.

You can find out whether an unknown actor is a real human with a driver’s license, an authentic replacement part, or a malicious bot with minimal exchange of data and a little cryptographic magic.

The system also manages customised access to data or physical assets based on credentials you can independently verify, including ones you did not issue.


Verifiable Transactions

Verifiable, un-spoofable identities anchor your records  and establish audit trails of verifiable transactions along your entire value chain.

This trust layer allows  to create, sign, and manage contractual agreements and transactions with counterparties in a legally binding way, including unfamiliar and non-human ones.

This secured bookkeeping minimizes many of the risks entailed by integrating fiat, automatic, and crypto-currency payments into your business processes.


Data Chains and Audit Trails

Verifiable identities and credentials secure the data provenance of digitised Industry 4.0 value chains.

Understanding exactly (and reliably) which sensor created what data allows a higher level of trustworthiness and objectivity in data-sets.

Important questions, such as how and when a given sensor was calibrated or which benchmarked algorithms processed your data, can become matters of fact rather than matters of reporting, which enables more multi-dimensional risk analyses.

Engage with us to work out a detailed business case
for your specific industry problem
on our test bed.

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