Establish Trust between Authorized Trading Partners

Verify Authorized Trading Partners in indirect business relationships

Manufacturers, wholesalers and dispensers can identify any previously unknown trading partner and verify it’s Authorized Trading Partner status in any supply chain interaction. This enables DSCSA compliant data exchange between indirect trading partners.



Using DSCSA Authorized Trading Partner Credentials in Saleable Returns processes

Product Verifications between
Authorized Trading Partners

Trading Partners can use the Spherity Credentialing Service for all DSCSA regulated product
verifications of saleable returns or suspicious products.






Verify your enterprise identity and license status to become an ATP

Attach your ATP Credential to every Product Verification message

Connect your Verification Routing Service provider to make every product verification interaction DSCSA compliant

Verify incoming ATP Credentials and audit trail their verification result

Manage internal and external audit requests

Monitor and investigate every interaction with Authorized Trading Partners

Become ATP and use Credentialing
Without own Development Effort

Use Spherity Credentialing Service seamlessly as SaaS

Establish your Enterprise Identity with Legisym

Become an ATP by credentialing your State or FEI license with Legisym

Manage multiple Enterprise Identities in one account

Connect your VRS provider via simple APIs

Monitor all counterparty ATPs and interactions in your Spherity Credentialing Service dashboard

Use ATP and Enterpise Identity Credentials to exploit further business cases

Spherity Credentialing Service is connected to trusted vendors

VRS Providers

Verification Routing Service (VRS) providers can connect easily to Spherity APIs to create or verify ATP credentials for Product Verifications.

Connected providers


Credential Issuer

Credential issuers are issuing Company Identity and ATP Credentials. Spherity only connects with certified and trusted issuers.

Connected providers


Key Facts


Day-one compliance
with DSCSA requirements
for ATPs

Easy Integration

Every VRS can connect to
Spherity Credential Service
via API


Faster time-to-market
with no own IT department

Real Time

Real time verification of
Trading Partners for
unanticipated relationships

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Features & Benefits

Get the most secure and performant ATP credentialing service


Interoperable with other Open ATP Network solutions that use the W3C Specification for Verifiable Credential

GS1 Compatibility

Compatible with the GS1 Lightweight Messaging Standard and PDG recommendations

Secure Key Management

Secure key management with encrypted cloud storage

ISO 27001 Certified

Spherity is an ISO 27001 certified trusted vendor

Member of OCI

Spherity is founding member of the Open Credential Initiative

High Availability

Cloud operation on various U.S. server availability zones

Enterprise-Grade Security Security and Multi-tenancy

End-to-end secure enterprise-grade SaaS solution with multi-tenancy, authentication, and identity services

Resiliency and Scale

The Spherity OCS SaaS solution is designed to recover from infrastructure or service disruptions as well as to scale capacities when high throughput is needed

Backup, Recovery, and Migration

Ensured business continuity and disaster recovery


Open Credentialing Initiative
Founding Member

Spherity is a founding member of the Open Credentialing Initiative and supports their interoperability goals. Spherity developed, contributed and adopted the Credentialing and Wallet framework that is fundamental for an open and standard based solution for ATPs.

Spherity ISO 27001 Certificate by TUEV Rheinland

Trusted Vendor
ISO 27001 Certified

Spherity is ISO 27001 Certified by TÜV Rheinland and all used cloud services comply with applicable information security standards. 

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Client Testimonial

“As a VRS solution provider, all we had to do was a simple API-call to the wallet to retrieve or verify credentials and some small changes to handle the response from the wallet. All in all, this technology allows us to implement the ATP check to the existing – and established – processes without disruption.”


Dr. Oliver Nürnberg
Chief Product Owner, SAP Life Sciences